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Position Paper Towards European Leadership on Innovation - Recommendations for the next Digital Single Market

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The EU’s digital policy agenda is due for an update. In our election paper, we suggest a starting point based on a simple principle: Good digital policy is good economic policy.

We welcome the European Commission’s recognition of the digital sector with its Digital Single Market approach. In the coming legislative period, a new digital agenda for Europe should build on the DSM and establish the ambitious objective of securing Europe’s digital sovereignty in an open, global economy.

Europe needs to strengthen cooperation with its global partners, but it also needs to further facilitate home-grown innovation by a) aiming for leadership in five key technologies, b) building an enabling regulatory framework and c) contribute to social policies which help navigating through the transition.

We formulate six key messages from rethinking established business models to encouraging digital literacy and offer sector-specific recommendations.  With our paper, we hope to contribute to the vital debate on the digital future of the European Union, which we look forward to continue shaping with you in the coming years.

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